Capital Region

There’s a whole lot to love about Troy and the surrounding Capital Region! Troy is home to an array of unique independently owned shops, a variety of fantastic restaurants, music venues, prestigious colleges, breweries, as well as historically rich and stunning architecture; we’ve even heard rumors that it’s considered to be ‘the new Brooklyn’.

Troy is situated on the eastern bank of the Hudson River with easy access to Schenectady and Albany, the state’s capital. Saratoga, best known for its performing arts venue (SPAC), racetrack, and exciting night life, is a quick 45-minute jaunt up the Northway. The city is an hour’s drive from the breathtaking Adirondack and Berkshire regions, and just three hours and change from NYC, Boston and Montreal, as well as the coast for all those summer beach trips.

To help you enjoy all this area has to offer, we’ve compiled a list of some our faves, along with other helpful info. Feel free to make some popcorn and get comfortable before you read on.

Little Pecks

An all-day neighborhood café, Little Peck’s is owned and operated by the same team that gives us Peck’s Arcade awesomeness.

Superior Merchandise Company

A lifestyle design shop and specialty coffee bar, SMCo is a modern-chic cafe serving espresso-based drinks, craft beer & homemade cookies. Looking for some designer items while caffeinating? SMCo just so happens to have a dazzling inventory to choose from.

The Whistling Kettle

Tea is an often-overlooked player in the quest for delicious beverages. No worries: The Whistling Kettle has a stellar menu of teas, not to mention pretty darn good lunch fare, as well.

Spill’n the Beans

The scent of micro-roasted espresso blends gently wafts through town every Friday, promising countless great cups of joe to come. Enjoy their traditional breakfast and lunch fare, as well.

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